If you need food please go to http://www.petfoodz.com (that's petfood with a z) and check out their products. They are a premium food, made in the US with most US ingredients - never been on any recall list. Great food & great treats! (If they ask who recommended them please tell them Michael Levine)

(We are sorry to announce that after much effort, Life's Abundance, who acquired Flint River Ranch a while ago, has determined that it is not feasible for them to continue the product. Therefore, Flint River Ranch will no longer be available from any source.)

We are very sorry, but as of February 2016 Flint River Ranch has gone out of business. They had economic problems and they could not continue. They will be missed greatly!

However, we are now offering an alternative food that is equally as good, and also offers home delivery. It has never been on any recall list, and is made right here in the United States!


While I can not offer the 15% discount on their products, I can tell you how to get the food at the wholesale price! All you have to do is to go on their autoship program (which you can change or cancel at any time) and you will receive the wholesale price. (There is another way to get the wholesale price without having to go on the authorship program - if you are interested in that, please call me at 718-720-0246)


Please check out the food at http://www.petfoodz.com - if they ask you who recommended the food please tell them Arlene Levine or give my distributor number which is 20216829. And while you are there please check out their wonderful selection of treats.

Let's keep our pets healthy!

(BTW, if you are interested in a great home-business in the pet food industry, you can check that out here (http://www.lifesabundance.com/Opportunity/Opportunity.aspx?realname=20216829)

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