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They say there are two kinds of pet owners: those who prefer dogs, and those who prefer cats. While certainly there are people who enjoy both dogs and cats, there is a surprisingly large number of people who passionately love one at the expense of the other. People who love cats complain that dogs are indiscriminate: they love everybody. But when a cat loves you, you've earned that love. Cats are independent, imperious, sometimes even arrogant. You love cats on their time, and never the other way around.

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Just like with humans, a proper diet can significantly affect the health of your cat. Chemical additives can destroy the nutritional value of foods, whether it's canned peaches or cat food. That's why a person should be just as careful with what she feeds her cat as she does herself. carries only the highest quality, all-natural pet foods available. The brands we carry--Flint River Ranch and Dr. Harvey's--are both renowned for their high-quality, all-natural products. Cats are finicky eaters, so it's important that the products we carry meet not only high nutritional standards, but also that your cat will love them. Thankfully, our products pass both tests. offers cat foods to meet different needs. We carry food for older cats. A cat's nutritional needs change as it gets older and less active, so it's important that you compensate for this in the cat's diet. We also carry a cat food designed to reduce or even eliminate hairballs around the house. Since we deliver right to your front door, there's no lugging heavy packages either.

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