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For a dog owner, dogs are people too. In fact, for many dog owners, their dogs have a more prominent place in their lives than do many people. Dogs are loyal and affectionate, and studies have shown that people with pets lead longer, happier lives. This is why taking care of you dog is so important: when you take care of your dog, you dog helps take care of you.

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The keys to your dog's health are the same as for people: diet and exercise. You may think you're treating your dog by feeding it people food, but in many cases, this is not good for your dog's health. At best, this can cause your dog to become overweight and inactive, which will shorten your dog's life., we offer all-natural gourmet dog foods that not only taste great but are good for you dog as well. sells only best all-natural gourmet dog foods available. We sell dog foods only by manufacturers--Flint River Ranch and Dr. Harvey's--known for their commitment to making the best possible food for your dog. These manufacturers don't use any chemical additives, fillers or salt which can severely lessen the nutritional value of the food. ships anywhere in the continental United States. We deliver straight to your home, so you won't have to lug any heavy bags around. We guarantee that your dog will love our gourmet dog foods.

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